Box Products: What Is Important When Choosing?

Box products, such as mailboxes, cabinets, flower pots, and many others, are usually purchased with an expectation that they will last for a long time. How to choose box products that meet your expectations and remain long-lasting? Quality product and reliable manufacturer are two aspects that will guarantee excellent decision making and a wise investment.

What to look for when choosing box products?

Regardless of where the box products will be used, the materials used must first be evaluated. UAB "Vytrolma" uses a wide range of materials for the production of box products, all of which are of high quality, durable and have great features. The box products can be made of aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, ALU zinc, special black steel, copper, Cor-Ten. All materials will be a good solution and their abundance gives our clients a wide choice. Steel is long-lasting and durable, galvanized steel products with the protection from corrosion are ideal for outdoor use and will not lose its technical and visual qualities in the long term. Stainless steel will retain its shine for a long time, it will not change its appearance, and the maintenance will be very simple. We also offer aluminum products. Aluminum can be anodized (from C0 to ultra-wide color spectrum), providing reliable protection against external factors. The wide range of colors allows you to choose from a variety of visual solutions. Choose Cor-Ten if you want an original look and exceptional effect. Steel with a rough patina has an effective visual look. This natural metal aging not only provides exceptional design, great protection, and requires no maintenance, ensuring product durability.

Material thickness can range from 0.5 to 2 mm.

Another important aspect of choosing box products is the other materials which can be used together as a set. They are usually as important as the material used for the product.

Electric cabinets

Electric cabinets: what guarantees their quality?

Equipment installed in the electric cabinet is for the distribution of electric cables, electricity accounting, and protection of cable lines. Fuses are also installed in those cabinets. It is, therefore, not necessary to say that the production of these cabinets should be given special attention and safe use must be ensured. There can be no mistakes regarding electricity, thus the choice of electric cabinets is a responsible process.

UAB "Vytrolma" subcontracts the production of electric cabinets. The products are manufactured according to the specific requirements of an individual client. We always offer the best design solutions that effectively improve product functionality and quality.