Electric cabinets

Electric cabinets: what guarantees their quality?

Equipment installed in the electric cabinet is for the distribution of electric cables, electricity accounting, and protection of cable lines. Fuses are also installed in those cabinets. It is, therefore, not necessary to say that the production of these cabinets should be given special attention and safe use must be ensured. There can be no mistakes regarding electricity, thus the choice of electric cabinets is a responsible process.

UAB "Vytrolma" subcontracts the production of electric cabinets. The products are manufactured according to the specific requirements of an individual client. We always offer the best design solutions that effectively improve product functionality and quality.

How to choose a high quality electric cabinet?

In terms of the quality, one of the most important criteria for the electric cabinet will be the materials from which it is made. UAB "Vytrolma" electric cabinets are made of galvanized steel (can be from 0.7 to 1.5 mm thick), which is long-lasting, durable and resistant to external factors, which is very important for the longevity of products. It is important to evaluate precisely which conditions will affect the cabinet before the metal product is manufactured, in order to assign the corrosion category. UAB "Vytrolma" manufactures products classified as corrosion class C2 and C3 which are suitable for operation both in outdoor and indoor atmospheric pollution conditions. We do not manufacture C4 corrosion class products.

Hinges, locks, and other small details are small, and often unnoticeable, but they are as important as the metal used for the production of electric cabinets. Locks, hinges and other details determine reliable protection, convenient use, and functionality of the cabinet. Thus, you should prioritize products that use only high quality materials, fasteners and other details.

When choosing an electric cabinet, choose reliable manufacturers with a strong position in the market. Do not get lured by very low prices, because the cost of production is suspiciously low, probably, at the expense of quality. Electric cabinets must be functional, undoubtedly safe, and long-term and durable, with a long-lasting, representative appearance. Such electric cabinets can only be offered by long-standing market players, with a team of professionals with specialized knowledge and very large equipment resources. Electric cabinets, just like other box products, require a variety of modern, functional machines and specific knowledge.

Choose an electric cabinet that ensures proper tightness. We can produce electric cabinets of up to IP54 grade according to your needs.

Electric cabinets offered by UAB "Vytrolma" 

We offer high quality electric cabinets manufactured according to specific client requirements for our Lithuanian and foreign clients. Long-standing traditions, innovative solutions, advanced technology, and well-trained staff are the factors that guarantee quality, durability, and produce compact, functional and, of course, safe electric cabinets. We are delighted to offer our clients service at an attractive price, giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy a flawless price-quality ratio.

The quality of electric cabinets is ensured by responsibility, precision, and compliance with quality requirements in every production process, for example, during the bending, welding, painting, and collecting processes. We have the necessary professional metal cutting and laser cutting equipment, thus we cut the needed metal sheets precisely. We also have an extremely large arsenal of various machine tools for bending, and we can make metal sheets of different dimensions and thickness. This gives an opportunity to offer more production opportunities and project implementation for our clients. The variety of bending machines allows us to perform various bending operations and make the production process of metal products, such as electric cabinets, more versatile, more attractive financially, and give us an opportunity to produce both large and small lots.

The assembly process during the production of electric cabinets is no less important. Professional product assembly is the responsibility of team members working in the assembly unit.

We have a 25-year successful experience in the metal production sector. The excellent competent human resources team, their continuously developed knowledge, and skills offer attractive design solutions to our clients that help to save time, optimize production processes, and increase the functionality of products, such as electric cabinets. If you need an electric cabinet, describe your specific needs, and we will implement your idea so that it would be compliant with all the requirements for the metal product quality.

UAB "Vytrolma" ensures the production of high quality galvanized steel electric cabinets according to the project of each client. Precision at every stage of production implies an impeccable, long-lasting result.