The innovations of facades and the importance of knowing them

Innovations and contemporary technologies change the construction sector at a rapid pace. Facade engineering is no exception. In order to receive the biggest benefits and to save in the long-term, it is worth to use the offered possibilities.

Ventilated facade: functional, aesthetic, economical

A ventilated facade is an innovative choice, which allows you to enjoy impeccable functionality and exclusive design solutions. The innovative facade systems have recently emerged on the market, but they have already gained recognition among the construction specialists. Today these systems are becoming rapidly more popular and are praised for their solid list of advantages.

The ventilated facade systems integrate functionality, aesthetics and economy. These qualities have always been valued, but, in order to blend them, one has always needed extensive knowledge, skills and a lot of practice. The ventilated facade solutions are particularly valued for their outstanding protection from the cold, warmth, noise and the effects of the atmosphere. Thus, this facade construction is a perfect choice for buildings in every climate zone.

Advantages of cassettes when choosing facade finishing

There is a wide choice in the facade decoration market, which allows every client to choose the best solutions ideally suited to individual needs and financial capabilities. Those who are looking for functionality and aesthetic look should consider the choice of facade cassettes. Cassettes allow the design to be modern, even and elegant with the installed durable, quality protection from rain and other environmental effects. Cassettes in the facade decoration are associated with the search of bulky panels, quick installation and low cost. Facade cassettes meet the criteria, and thus are a popular choice in the finishing of large buildings, such as commercial, administrative, public, and industrial buildings.

When do the facade lamellae work and which ones to choose?

When thinking about the facade, its functionality, contact with the sunlight and other environmental effects, it is important to consider the type of finishing materials, their quality, resistance to external factors, and increased demand of sun control. Facade lamella is one of the elements which help the facade surface to control the amount of sunlight. It is a perfect choice for optimization of light flux, angle indoor climate, and energy use.

The advantages of facade lamellae

Facade lamellae combine functionality and decorative visual view. A possibility to adjust the angle of facade lamellae allows selecting the desired dimness level. The position of the sun is constantly changing during the day. It rises in the morning, it sets at night, and it moves during the day; thus its light flux dynamic. The adjustment of facade lamellae allows tilting the lamellae according to the angle of the sunlight and assures the highest comfort and utility level.

Facade lamellae cannot be completely closed or opened. They are mounted both horizontally and vertically, which allows a selection of several design solutions, assures an aesthetic and modern exterior of the building, and protects vertical and horizontal surfaces.


Thermopanel element system: characteristics and advantages

Today with the quick advancement of technology, progress and innovative solutions do not avoid the construction sector. This gives an opportunity to offer the advanced solutions to our clients, which combine modernity, efficiency and economy. For those looking for quality, quick mounted and attractive facade design solutions, we offer the thermopanel element system.

When is it worth to choose the thermopanel system?

Thermopanels are an ideal option for commercial, public, and industrial buildings, as well as for the renovation of old construction buildings and their modernization. Thermopanels are also appropriate for the residential houses.

The quality thermopanel element system is fast installed and is suitable not only for the wall finishing of external buildings, but also for the roof constructions and overlays.

This system is easily adaptable, and it is its great advantage. It does not limit your decisions, and you can use any exterior finishing and architectural configuration.

Mounting angles

The quality criteria when choosing mounting angles is essential

In the construction process, much attention is paid to materials, their quality, manufacturers, technical characteristics in the long run, no matter if it is a small residential building, a multi-apartment building, a huge commercial or other purpose building. But professionals always recommend choosing fastening elements responsibly. Whatever quality materials you choose, if they are reinforced with poor quality fasteners, the building and the high quality materials will lose their functionality much sooner than expected. Thus, the role of fasteners is significant. Let's talk about mounting angles, one of the most common mounting elements.