Advantages of cassettes when choosing facade finishing

There is a wide choice in the facade decoration market, which allows every client to choose the best solutions ideally suited to individual needs and financial capabilities. Those who are looking for functionality and aesthetic look should consider the choice of facade cassettes. Cassettes allow the design to be modern, even and elegant with the installed durable, quality protection from rain and other environmental effects. Cassettes in the facade decoration are associated with the search of bulky panels, quick installation and low cost. Facade cassettes meet the criteria, and thus are a popular choice in the finishing of large buildings, such as commercial, administrative, public, and industrial buildings.

Cassettes: what types are there?

UAB "Vytrolma" a large assortment of facade cassettes. The cassettes are made of high quality tin, and differ according to color and dimensions, allowing our clients to choose the best suitable cassettes for the facade of their building.

While choosing the type of facade cassettes, you should decide if the mounting elements will be visible or hidden. This choice allows you to filter relevant options and to reduce the cassette selection field. Hidden mounting elements are not visible, thus the facade will be solid, aesthetic and smooth. If the mounting elements are visible, the facade is more expressive and more modern.

A wide color palette of facade cassettes allows you to choose an ideal cassette, which ideally suits your needs and will perfectly suit the exterior of the building.

Both the look and durability depends on the materials of facade cassettes. We prioritize only high quality, durable materials, thus you can choose steel, aluminum or the advanced Cor-Ten material facade cassettes which protects from rain. In the manufacturing process, we use three types of sheet aluminum: AW5005 (perfect for machine processing, characterized by high resistance), AW1050 (characterized by lightness, resistance) and AW5754 (easily processed, rust resistant). Both aluminum and galvanized cassettes are painted with Qualicoat compliant paint on one side or both. If necessary, we can anodize the aluminum in the color of client‘s choice. Anodized aluminum is characterized by a greater stability, corrosion resistance, and beautiful visual image of the metal.

 Cor-Ten is the best choice for those who are looking for quality and uniqueness. It is steel with a rougher patina. The natural aging looks interesting and modern, and the material is durable, does not require maintenance, and protects the facade.

If the perforated cassettes are needed, note if the cassettes have the perforation option. AMADA and EUROMAK equipment allow holes of various diameters to be punched, according to the client‘s configuration and drawings. This gives us a chance to offer more solutions and possibilities to our clients.

Perforated cassettes will make the facade look more lively, unique and original. Perforating allows implementing non-creative ideas. Perforated cassettes with the suspension system ensure a quick and simple installation process.

The characteristics of facade cassettes

Facade cassettes in UAB "Vytrolma" assortment differ in dimensions, thus there is an opportunity to choose the best suitable ones for your facade. You can choose from 0.5 to 4 mm thick and different height and width facade cassettes. The choice of dimensions allows every client to choose anything suited to their needs and the wanted facade look. A wide diapason of height and width allows creating various compositions, implementing even the most sophisticated architectural solutions. The choice of dimensions is vast and depends on particular cassette model.

Cassettes can be installed with hidden or visible mounting elements. It depends on a particular cassette model. Only your needs determine which variant should be chosen.

What are the advantages of cassettes?

Facade cassettes are a reliable and long-lasting facade protection from rain, humidity and other effects of the atmosphere.

Such cassettes are a very good solution when the quality look and functionality is needed quick and for an attractive price. Cassettes suit both new buildings, and the reconstruction and renovation of the old ones.

Facade cassettes create a precise symmetry, proportions and regular lines in the exterior of the building. Technical parameters of cassettes and durability meet the highest quality and other requirements.

The cassette system can be used for finishing of the whole building or just representative parts of the building, such as front façade. The choice is in your hands.

Another advantage of cassettes is that they are easy to install, and that takes just a little time. The chosen cassette with the mounting system is an even more attractive solution, which saves you a lot of time because the installation process is shorter and more convenient.

Facade cassettes have a very important place in the production of UAB "Vytrolma". Their long-term experience in the sector allows them to provide the best solution for each individual client.