Mounting angles

The quality criteria when choosing mounting angles is essential

In the construction process, much attention is paid to materials, their quality, manufacturers, technical characteristics in the long run, no matter if it is a small residential building, a multi-apartment building, a huge commercial or other purpose building. But professionals always recommend choosing fastening elements responsibly. Whatever quality materials you choose, if they are reinforced with poor quality fasteners, the building and the high quality materials will lose their functionality much sooner than expected. Thus, the role of fasteners is significant. Let's talk about mounting angles, one of the most common mounting elements.

Which mounting angles to choose?

To get lost in such a wide supply is very easy, thus we suggest that you follow the quality criteria and properly assess your needs.

Mounting angles can be without stiffening edges and can have one or two rigid edges. The choice depends on your needs, but the ones with at least one rigid edge will be much more durable and functional.

The choice of the mounting angle should also depend on other materials, such as profiles. Our mounting angles will be the perfect choice for Z, PZ, L, and other profile wall mounting. The angles are fixed to the wall at equal distances, and the profiles are then fixed to the angles by choosing the desired distance from the wall. The required distance determines the choice of mounting angles or more precisely their dimensions.

Choose anti-corrosion products. We use long-lasting, durable and resistant galvanized steel for the production of mounting angles. The mounting angles are often used in places where they can be easily affected by corrosion, which will destruct the metal and will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the entire structure. Thus even the highest quality materials that are installed using low-quality mounting angles will not meet the expectations because the decay process is ruthless. In our stock, we only have galvanized metal mounting angles to ensure corrosion protection and excellent performance in the long term.

Mounting angles are quick, easy and simple to install, making them a simplified construction process. We have mounting angles with different dimensions, thus we always find the ideal offer for every client. If you do not know which mounting angles are the best for you, UAB "Vytrolma" specialists will advise and help you to choose the most suitable for your needs. Our range includes mounting angles of 1, 1.2, 1.5 and 2 mm. You can choose from these available dimensions: MKT 120, 150, 180, 200, 220, 250, 280, 295 mm with two rigid edges and with or without a bracket. The diameter of the mounting holes can be 8 or 10 mm. Smaller angles can be with one rigid edge: MKP 50, 70, 100, 120, 140, 150 mm with or without l- hole and with 8 mm mounting holes. The wide range of sizes allows everyone to choose the best option. 

Mounting angles only from reliable manufacturers

As already mentioned, such fastening elements as mounting angles contribute to the longevity, durability, and stability of the whole construction. The metal has two properties that allow it to bend. Those qualities are plasticity and elasticity. UAB "Vytrolma" has a wide range of machine tools and other equipment for the production of various high-quality metal bends, including mounting angles. The size of holes in the mounting angles can vary according to the size of the screws and other fasteners. Advanced equipment and a professional team of human resources allow us to produce mounting angles that meet all the quality requirements.

To maximize client convenience, product functionality and a range of options, mounting angle extensions can be produced (from 80 to 200 mm), which are very useful if the angle itself is not enough.

We also produce thermal gaskets. They are gaskets between the wall and the mounting angle for stopping the cold bridge effectively and reducing the heat loss. Thermal gaskets are produced of high quality, durable materials.

When choosing mounting angles, prioritize quality and reliable manufacturers that are highly appreciated in the metal products market, have earned client trust and produce high quality metal products. Mounting angles are irreplaceable in construction, especially when installing metal or wooden wall constructions, roof constructions and exterior finishes, such as ventilated facades. It is very important to choose high quality fasteners.