The innovations of facades and the importance of knowing them

Innovations and contemporary technologies change the construction sector at a rapid pace. Facade engineering is no exception. In order to receive the biggest benefits and to save in the long-term, it is worth to use the offered possibilities.

Ventilated facade: functional, aesthetic, economical

A ventilated facade is an innovative choice, which allows you to enjoy impeccable functionality and exclusive design solutions. The innovative facade systems have recently emerged on the market, but they have already gained recognition among the construction specialists. Today these systems are becoming rapidly more popular and are praised for their solid list of advantages.

The ventilated facade systems integrate functionality, aesthetics and economy. These qualities have always been valued, but, in order to blend them, one has always needed extensive knowledge, skills and a lot of practice. The ventilated facade solutions are particularly valued for their outstanding protection from the cold, warmth, noise and the effects of the atmosphere. Thus, this facade construction is a perfect choice for buildings in every climate zone.

What will you gain by choosing a ventilated facade?

The ventilated facade systems are characterized by remarkable advantages, which attract the supporters of practical and useful solutions. One of the main advantages is the protection against the accumulation of humidity. It is significant, as humidity can damage your home.  The unique construction and the prevented moisture accumulation keep the inner side of the facade dry. The structure of ventilated facades stands out because it stops the thermal bridge from forming; that protects from the heat loss. The insulation material stays dry all the year round and its properties remain unchanged. The ventilated facades also have excellent sound isolation, are resistant to the environmental impact and temperature fluctuations. These facades do not fade when exposed to the sunlight; they do not stain, and are easily cleaned. The ventilated facades retain their distinctive appearance for up to fifty years!

The ventilated facade systems are a wise choice because they are resistant to the mechanical effects – the damage of the surface. In order to mount such a structure, all one needs is special tools, knowledge and practice. The maintenance of ventilated facades is simple and quick. Unlike many other facade systems, you can change just some separate parts of the system. That takes less time and money.

The ventilated facade systems are ideal for uneven and cracked walls because of their mounting peculiarities and particularities. In that way, the wall defects are repaired, and the thermal and sound isolation is guaranteed. That ensures a great aesthetic look.

What is the secret of ventilated facades?

The ventilated facade solutions provide a vast number of advantages. That is provided by the tile installation method, which is based on the air gap for circulation and ventilation between the isolated wall and the finishing layer.

UAB "Vytrolma" uses only high quality ventilated facade elements. Their production processes are based not only on the innovative solutions, but also on the knowledge of their highly experienced and skilled specialists. We work only with high quality durable materials, such as galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, special black metal, copper, Cor-Ten steel.

Why is it worth to choose UAB "VYTROLMA"?

We offer everything ourselves, starting with the facade system up to the material. We offer detailed and clear information about the facade systems offered, and we help to decide the best facade system for each and every customer. We also suggest the best materials and what should be prioritized. We assure that every interested customer receives detailed information. We can also design the desired facade system. Our services include not only folding, cascade, lamellae, and sheet production, but also their treatment. If needed, we can even, perforate, and anodize. For B2B customers, we offer not only the facade systems and finishing solutions, but also other components, such as profiles, holders, and mounting corners. We can also install the facade system or the cassette.

Our painters are certified by a Qualicoat staining standard, which is used for aluminum staining. Only the Qualicoat quality paint are used, which assures the highest quality and the representative look in the long run.

The technical solutions, innovative equipment, experience of more than two decades in the market and the competency of team members assures contemporary solutions in the facade finishing sector and quality service.

Ventilated facade systems – for the best combination of functionality, modern design and economy.