When do the facade lamellae work and which ones to choose?

When thinking about the facade, its functionality, contact with the sunlight and other environmental effects, it is important to consider the type of finishing materials, their quality, resistance to external factors, and increased demand of sun control. Facade lamella is one of the elements which help the facade surface to control the amount of sunlight. It is a perfect choice for optimization of light flux, angle indoor climate, and energy use.

The advantages of facade lamellae

Facade lamellae combine functionality and decorative visual view. A possibility to adjust the angle of facade lamellae allows selecting the desired dimness level. The position of the sun is constantly changing during the day. It rises in the morning, it sets at night, and it moves during the day; thus its light flux dynamic. The adjustment of facade lamellae allows tilting the lamellae according to the angle of the sunlight and assures the highest comfort and utility level.

Facade lamellae cannot be completely closed or opened. They are mounted both horizontally and vertically, which allows a selection of several design solutions, assures an aesthetic and modern exterior of the building, and protects vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Features of facade lamellae, additional possibilities

A wide supply gives the client the choice of the best facade lamellae according to his or her needs.

Turnable lamellae allow choosing the desired dimness level at the exact moment. You can easily and simply control the light entering your house. Fixed lamellae give you a choice of a steady angle, which efficiently protects both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

While considering the facade lamellae best suited to you, evaluate the protectable surfaces. For example, if lamellae are installed on the skylight, choose those, which are suited for horizontal surfaces. These will protect not only from the sunlight, but will also protect from the rain when closed.

Cladding lamellae– finishing panels: choice and material

Facade cladding lamellae offered by UAB "Vytrolma" gives a wider range of options for those who want to create a modern, impeccable and impressive exterior of a building. Sophisticated, custom surfaces are created by using different shapes, vertical and horizontal installation and facade details. That provides originality to the building. According to the model of lamellae, mounting elements can be hidden or visible. Hidden elements create a classic, aesthetic visual image, while visible mounting elements allow non-traditional solutions and give additional sophistication to the facade. Today, visible mounting elements are chosen more frequently.

After you have chosen the cladding lamellae, you can choose individual architectural solutions. Color palette lets you to choose from a wide range of colors, allowing you to create your desired design. You can also choose different materials of the cladding lamellae: solid and durable steel, aluminum and innovative water resistant Cor-Ten material. Cor-Ten weathering steel has a rough natural appearance. It is a perfect choice for those, who want an aged metal look. This material does not require maintenance, it is attractive and stable. Cor-Ten is persistent and resistant to external effects. It will suit the needs of those, who value high quality, individuality, durability.

Stainless steel and aluminum are also good choices. Their resistance to external effects, exclusive corrosion resistance of stainless steel, wide choice of designs and colors give a range of options for the creation of your unique exterior.

The installation of cladding facade lamellae found in the stock of UAB "Vytrolma" will be simple and quick. It is important to pick the best suitable quality tools and elements.

The properties of facade lamellae: which ones to choose?

UAB "Vytrolma" has a wide supply of facade lamellae and finishing boards. They differ according to their height, width, thickness, and other properties. In our assortment you can find lamellae from 150 mm in width to 4 meters in length and 1, 1.2, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 mm thick.

For the facade lamellae manufacturing, we usually use galvanized steel and aluminum. There is a possibility to choose the water resistant Cor-Ten or other materials. Such a choice gives our clients a wider range of opportunities to realize their visions.

We can also offer dyed or anodized facade lamellae. Anodized lamellae are an attractive choice because of their wide range of colors. Choosing from a diverse color spectrum you can realize any facade finishing solution, according to your wishes. Perhaps you are interested in something unique? You could choose a wavy facade profile which gives the facade its rhythm, harmony, and originality.

We also provide perforation services. During the perforation, the corners and holes, which are significant to the metal bracket production process and influence the final visual look, are cut.

It is important to notice if the mounting elements are visible or hidden when choosing the right cladding lamellae. Some types of lamellae can only be installed vertically.

A wide range of shapes, colors, materials, and various installation methods, give a broad variety of choices to each client.

If you are uncertain about the best lamellae for you, our specialists will answer all your questions, and will help you to make the best decision.