Laser cutting

Laser guarantees precise, clean and fast cutting

In order to offer customers a wide range of quality services in metalworking sector, UAB "Vytrolma" provides laser cutting services. The principle of laser operation is simple: the power of its beam implies that the metal is evaporated at its intended cut point. Precision is the key advantage of laser cutting, compared to conventional mechanical cutting techniques. The laser will be irreplaceable for cutting simple and complex contours, for fine or large cuts. laser cutting  

What is unique about laser cutting?

We work with a high-power laser, which is the perfect solution for cutting not very thick metal sheets and getting precise accuracy. The laser cuts the metal not only accurately, but also cleanly so the parts cut are presentable and ready for immediate use as parts or as the final product. The cut points are beautiful and neat, and they do not require extra time and investment for their finishing. Thus, accuracy and cleanliness can be distinguished as key advantages of laser cutting.

It should also be mentioned that laser cutting reduces the risk of deformation of the metal sheet to the minimum, compared to mechanical cutting. 

The laser offers a wide range of options for complex shape and original element cutting. Computerized laser control allows you to save time, as the cutting process is much faster. 

Laser cutting with advanced LCG 4020 AJ laser machining at UAB "Vytrolma "

We cut aluminum, steel, stainless steel and other metals, and we use the advanced AMADA LCG 4020 AJ laser washing machine. The manufacturer of such laser machines has been successfully operating in the market for more than half a century and is well-known as the pioneer of laser machines worldwide. AMADA scrupulously takes into account research, customer requests, and thus has no doubt that modern LCG 4020 AJ laser machines with direct gear meet high standards. This machine uses the latest generation of laser technology and helical gear drive systems. It allows us to make any necessary changes before cutting. We are pleased to have these advanced and innovative new laser machines and to offer our customers a broader range of innovative solutions.
Laser working area is as follows: X axis – 4 070 mm, Y axis – 2 050 mm, positioning accuracy – around 0.01 mm! Laser cutting machines cut metals of varying thickness. The exact boundaries depend on the particular metal. The maximum thickness of the sheet metal to be cut is 10 mm.

Our laser cutting machines are characterized by fast processing, accurate precision, modernity and functionality! It is a machine with an ideal balance between low power consumption and high productivity.

These machines have a less complex generator and laser beam optical design, as well as high energy efficiency, which allow you to effectively reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. That gives us a chance to offer attractive reduced price laser cutting services.

Compared to other alternatives, such as CO2 lasers, the LCG 4020 AJ generator operates on a different principle and delivers laser head to the head much faster and more effectively.


Why should you choose services performed by UAB "VYTROLMA"?


  • We have been working in the facade finishing market for 25 years. The knowledge, innovation, skills, and continuous improvement are offered to avoid big mistakes.
  • We install the newest technology, we modernize work process, using advanced techniques, taking good practice examples; thus, we are adapting to the changes in the dynamic environment.
  • We have highly qualified team members who perform their work impeccably and responsibly. We are proud of our human resources team; they adapt rapid innovations, changing the market and moving with the latest technology.
  • We offer attractive price-quality ratio and quality laser cutting services with advanced machines.


Are you thinking about the high volume laser cutting? Contact us now! We will discuss the details, your needs, give you an accurate estimate of the price of the work, advise you and help you make the best decision.